The Set Up MATLAB Drive Connector window keeps popping up

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This window pops up whenever I restart my laptop. How do I fix it?

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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 23 Jun 2021
Hi Yikyung,
Refer the following documentation link to disable MATLAB Drive connector from opening during System Startup
srt10 on 14 Jan 2024
Hello Kiran,
I have the same issue as the OP but the link you provided is not helpful. It describes how to set preferences after MATLAB Drive connector has been installed. In our case, we haven't installed it yet and the installer for the Drive connector pops up every time I reboot my computer. I don't want to install Drive connector. How do I prevent MATLAB asking me to install it?
Timothy on 2 Mar 2024
I also have this problem. Did you end up finding a workaround?

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