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How to run a Processor-in-the-Loop Verification for ARM Cortex-A processor other than A9?

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Hi all,
I have a piece of code and I would like to know how fast it would run on an ARM Cortex A-chip. I downloaded and installed the required support and emulator packages as described HERE. My code is not a SIMULINK model, but a bunch of MATLAB functions, so I am using the example in HERE as a guideline as to how to properly compile it and run it.
I followed the example guidelines and I got my own function compiled without any issues (as a PIL_MEX function). Then I ran it on a for loop and obtained a profile report. That is all fine, however, I am not able to change the processor on which to emulate. It seems that the only processor supported by the QEMU Emulator is the ARM Cortex-A9.
How can I emulate the running of a piece of code on another ARM Cortex-A processor? (say A55)
Is this possible or do I have to estimate the time by the results on the ARM Cortex-A9?
EDIT: Say I create a "Target" with the characteristics of a particular ARM Cortex-A processor, could I then use that target instead of ARM Cortex-A9 for the emulation?
EDIT 2: I believe the answer to the question on the previous EDIT is "yes", however I am also limited up to ARM Cortex-A17 (for the target references). Furthermore, I am following the steps to develop a Target (from HERE), and I get a failed verification for everything after Step 4 (i.e. none of the features are implemented correctly, although I am litearlly just copy-pasting the code on the guide website).
Thank you!

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