Image registration with imwarp without scaling?

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THAI CAM LINH HOANG on 21 Jun 2021
Answered: millercommamatt on 24 Jun 2021
I want to align two images of different slices of a tissue. I want only rotation and translation, but the simplest option in control point registration workflow includes rescaling of the image. Right now I have
% estimate transformation
tform = fitgeotrans(movePts,fixedPts,'nonreflectivesimilarity');
% get original image size
Roriginal = imref2d(size(moving));
% perform transformation, reshape to original image size
movetform = imwarp(moving,tform,'OutputView',Roriginal);
and it rescales the moving image like below (left is fixed image, center is original moving image, right is the warped moving image):
I want the moving image NOT to be scaled. Is there any way to register the images without scaling?

Answers (1)

millercommamatt on 24 Jun 2021
Try using imregtform with transformType set to rigid.

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