Can I store an entity and resend it to multiple N destinations?

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Rob on 3 Sep 2013
Answered: Akram Najjar on 22 Oct 2018
Is it possible to store an entity in SimEvents and then send it to N multiple destinations. N is different with each entity. This would be something like dynamical entity replication.

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Devdatt Lad
Devdatt Lad on 11 Sep 2013
Check out the following example which also ships with the SimEvents product. It shows how to create a variable number of copies of each entity.

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Rob on 4 Sep 2013
Can anyone give a minute to this question? Thanks.

Akram Najjar
Akram Najjar on 22 Oct 2018
Friends ... the page quoted above does not exist anymore (Replicating Entries). Is there a chance of having it reposted? Thanks

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