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Bubbleplot in multiple dimensions

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Saunok Chakrabarty
Saunok Chakrabarty on 26 Jun 2021
Answered: Kevin Holly on 29 Sep 2021 at 21:09
Hi All,
I'm trying to create a bubbleplot using some data I have, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I went through the documentation (, but I don't exactly understand the syntax with the example given there. The function is this:
bubbleplot(x, y, z, siz, col, shape)
This is my code so far:
% loading dataset
% extracting variables from the table named bubbleplot (the original variables had extremely long names)
Country = bubbleplot.Country;
Skills = bubbleplot.AvailabilityofSkills;
Cost = bubbleplot.CostCompetitiveness;
Location = bubbleplot.LocationalAdvantage;
Lang_Cult = bubbleplot.Languageandculturalaffinitywithmajormarkets;
Proximity = bubbleplot.Proximitytoselectedmarkets;
Geography = bubbleplot.Geographyofthecountry;
Comptv = bubbleplot.Competitivenessinothersectorsmanuecommerce;
DigExp = bubbleplot.DigExports;
I want to now plot a bubble chart with DigExp as my bubble variable, and I also want to label the bubbles by Country. The x, y, z variables can be Skills, Cost and Location. How do I do this? The function
can only accommodate two variables, and I might want to incorporate more.
Thanks for all your attention.

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