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Building a map from Lidar Data with SLAM

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I am trying to understand how to use SLAM with lidar data. I watched the videos of MATLAB about SLAM but I could not find an answer to my problem or there was an answer but I did not understand.
My situation is I am working on GAZEBO with turtlebot and I want to make a map using SLAM with lidar. On MATHWORKS example there is a mat file that consist lidar data. I did an obstacle avoidance with turtlebot using Lidar and it is working fine but I do not know how to use SLAM with these lidar data. Do I have to save all these lidar data to a mat file then use SLAM to get map or is there a way to get map simultaneously without saving data to mat file ?
thanks in advance

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Yiping Liu
Yiping Liu on 20 Jul 2021
You can use the example linked below to see how get streamed lidar readings from Gazebo into MATLAB.
In this example, the lidar is used for AMCL localization, but you can also use it to do SLAM. You will need access to both Navigation Toolbox and ROS Toolbox.


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