Error/fault in code, 'Unrecognized function or variable'

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I have the following loop within my script. The intention is to process thousands of files within a folder through the function PG_DFT. This works fine, but at a certain point I get an error:
Unrecognized function or variable 'PG_DFT'.
This is strange because when I run the code again from where the error occurred, everything works fine. The loop will process up to thousands of files before stopping and reporting the error. And when I run it again from where it left off, everything is fine. This is very confusing.
for i=1:files %for each file
disp(d(i).name); %display filename
filename=fullfile(folder, d(i).name); %get full filename
wavinfo=audioinfo(filename); %get file info
SN=strsplit(d(i).name,'.'); %split filename by '.'
SN1=char(SN(1)); %get serial no.
date=char(SN(2)); %get date from filename
date=datenum(date, 'yymmddHHMMSS'); %convert date to datenum format
outputdate(:,row+1)=date; %create vector with dates
switch serialNo %get calibration correction
case 5099 %if serial no. is...
S=-176.4; %S = -...
case 5100 %**all of these values apply to
S=-176; %HIGH GAIN setting only**
case 5101
case 5102
case 5103
case 5277
case 5278
case 5279
case 5280
case 5281
otherwise error('Unknown ST serial');
%Run PSD only if file is 2 mins long (1:59):
%i.e. 119seconds*144000samples
if (wavinfo.TotalSamples>=nup)
[xbit, fs]=audioread(filename, [nlo,nup]);
%read in file
%removes DC offset
[A]= PG_DFT(xbit,fs,S,N,r,winname,envi,lcut,hcut,atype,tstamp,disppar);
%calculate TOLs (calibrated)
out_f=A(1,:); %get TOL freq bins
A=A(2:end,2:end); %remove freq and time interval data
A=mean(A,1); %take mean across file (get one val per TOL)
output(row,:) = A;
clearvars A
%fill successive rows with output from PG_DFT
row = row + 1;
%move onto next row of output matrix
%If file is too short (rare):
%fill data row with zeros
output(row,2:35)=zeros; %fill row with zeroes
formatSpec=('Error: %s has an unexpected file length! Not processed\n');
fprintf(2, formatSpec, filename);
row=row + 1;
%list of filenames where rows were filled with zeroes is issued in
%a separate _shortfiles.csv
Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson on 14 Jul 2021
Yep I can easily move things around it to run it more robustly. I hadn't even realised I was doing that until now, it wasn't my intention, but a result of having things backed up in multiple places! Thank you.

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Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Jul 2021
Well evidently it doesn't know that function. Why do you think it should? Do you have an m-file named that in the current folder or on the search path? Is it defined elsewhere in your script?
What does this say
>> which -all PG_DFT
It will probably say there is no such function.
Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson on 15 Jul 2021
Thanks! Answered in replies to Walter's post above.

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