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make a subsubfolder in a newly made subfolder

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so i have this code that i use to make a new folder in the path nufolder. its name is based on the contents of dcmlist. now, i want to make a new folder inside this newly made subfolder, so eg in nufolder there's a folder 0002, i want to make another folder inside 0002 that is edn. how do i go about this? i tried using mkdir(name, edn but it didnt work, i also tried mkdir /user.../name edn but it didnt work either. Appreciate any help!
for jj = 1 : numel(dcmlist)
[filepath, name, ext]= fileparts(dcmlist(jj)); % Extract file name
mkdir(nufolderpath, name);% makes folders after the dcm names in nufolder
copyfile(fullfile(dcmpath{jj},dcmlist{jj}),fullfile( nufolderpath, name))
%[status, message, messageId]= copyfile(fullfile(dcmpath{jj},dcmlist{jj})), (fullfile(nufolderpath,name,'/'))% Copy file directly and so string comparison is needed

Accepted Answer

Jan on 16 Jul 2021
[filepath, name, ext]= fileparts(dcmlist{jj}); % Extract file name
mkdir(fullfile(nufolderpath, name, 'edn'));

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