how to calculate maximum, minimum dose in some specific region.

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Muhammad on 24 Sep 2013
Dear All
i want to make GUI it will work as we contoure some region of interest in the patient CT in Pinnacle treatment planning system and then calculate the dose and find mean maximum dose in that region.
But i have a image file and a dose file. i want to use these to calculate the maximum, minimum, and mean doses inside the contour region. i want to make contoure in the image and use that in dose to find the dose in that region and calculate maximum, minimum, and mean dose in that region.
till now, i made a GUI i can open a image (there are 55 image Slices, i can open one at a time) on the axis then i can contour by imfreehand. i thoght if i have the all x,y cooridnates inside the region then i will find these coordinate in the dose file which is in excel for the same slice to calculate the mean maximum doses but it vain. please find some time and help me.
regards Muhammad

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Sep 2013
Once you draw the mask and use .CreateMask to get your binary image, you can get the x,y coordinates from find()
[rows, columns] = find(binaryImage); % [y,x], not (x,y) because rows = y.
Then call xlsread() to read in the x,y coordinates from your workbook and find the max.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Sep 2013
You can use the .createMask method to create a binary image directly, instead of using poly2mask, as shown in the attached demo below.
But I'm not sure how the image and the mask you draw on it is related to the table of dose numbers in the workbook, and what you want as a final output.

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