HDL Stream FFT in HDL Coder 2013b, not support FPGA?

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Hi, i am using Stream FFT for Zynq, but once i have created the subsystem and set it to Atomic, i have this error message pop up: " Double or single port type is not supported when the input parameter 'Target Platform' is set to any FPGA board. Please update the data type on inport"
i have tried to config the input port to "uint32",but another error occur: "Error in 'coder_fft/Subsystem/HDL Streaming FFT1/FFTCore/SimulinkFFT': Unsigned fixed-point signals must be real."
how should i config these block in order to generate an ipcore for Zynq? should i add more data type converters into the system?

Accepted Answer

Wang Chen
Wang Chen on 7 Oct 2013
Hi Owen,
The HDL Streaming FFT block only support signed fixed-point data type as input. You can try change your input data type to int32.

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