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How to initialize spring preload in SimScape?

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I am trying to apply a preload to a simple spring.
The case is when a spring is mechanically installed between two snap rings thus has an initial deformation of x0. With a mass connected to the spring, the spring does not apply any force. When the mass overcomes the preloaded value (k*x0), the spring applies a force proportional to the spring rate + preload.
I have tried the deformation variable, but once the model is initialised, the mass accelerates since it is an initial deformation and not a preload. I've tried implementing a hard stop, but could not get the desired output.
Joe Cullen
Joe Cullen on 18 Sep 2021
I am struggling with the same issue, and haven't found a soltuion I'm happy with. You can override the deformation value and select high priority and this seems to sort of work but sometimes it also causes my model to not initialize.
Jun Yang
Jun Yang on 3 Nov 2022
I will try your idea, it seems brilliant!

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Answers (1)

Andreas on 4 Jul 2022
Just add an ideal force source in parallel to the spring.




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