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Specify the RRT goalState as a matrix rather than a vector?

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Hello, Must the goal state of RRT be a point (vector), not a line (matrix) or a region?
path = plan(planner,startState,goalState);
startState = [1 10 pi/6];
goalState = [10 5 pi/6; 10 6 pi/6; 10 7 pi/6];
I tried the above code, but an error occurred:
"Error using plan
Expected goalstate to be a vector"
Is there a way to define the target state of RRT Algorithm as a line segment rather than just a point?

Answers (1)

Yiping Liu
Yiping Liu on 2 Aug 2021
Hi, Chen,
Thank you for your interest in this feature. It looks like that you are looking for the support of goal region in the RRT planner. The goal region is already supported in manipulatorRRT (a decorated RRT planner fully customized for robot manipulators that is shipped in Robotics System Toolbox), but it is not yet supported for the generic plannerRRT or plannerBiRRT. This enhancement is already on our development team's radar. This feedback is useful and we hope to address it soon in an upcoming release. Please check back later.




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