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with pdepe, how to solve coupled ode-pde with ode citing pde's BC

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Rui on 4 Oct 2013
Commented: Rui on 2 Nov 2013
Hi everyone,
I have coupled pde-ode equations, where pde's one boundary condition is ode's input parameter. I want to write both equations as PDE so that I can use pdepe, but cannot figure out how to get boundary condition of pde and pass that to ode in pdefun. Could anyone tell me how to code it in order to use pdepe? Thanks!
for example, on x from 0 to 1, i have
dC1/dt = d^2 C1 / d x^2
dC2/dt = C2 - C1(x = 1)
pde's BC : dC1/dx = C1(x=1) - C2
best, Rui
Rui on 2 Nov 2013
Bill, sorry for the slow feedback. The system did not send me the notification.
at X = 0, dC1/dt = 0, no flux BC.
C1 diffuses to the surface at x=1, where some of it goes across interface between C2/C1.

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