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Simbiology simulation and fit tasks give different outputs

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I used fit data task and then tried to simulate the estimated parameters with simulate data task. The outputs are different. I played with different simulation setting options and found out that OutputTimes option changes my output (significantly). I also created a separate ode function file and simulate the same model; output of this file matched fit data task's output. Long story short, I cannot duplicate the results from fit data task with simulate data task in Simbiology. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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Ingrid Tigges
Ingrid Tigges on 8 Oct 2013
Are you sure that you are using the same simulation settings, initial values etc. in both situations? It might be worth contacting technical support in order to get help. Please include your SimBiology model as well as the output of VER when creating the service request.

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Meric Ovacik
Meric Ovacik on 11 Oct 2013
Decreasing Absolute tolerance (1e-15) in simulation settings solved my problem.

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