comparing double array to logical array

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I am trying to compare two arrays and the save the results in a new one (third), the first array is 1000x1 double array and the second array is 1000x1 logical array. I'd like to compare them to each other, meaning for every true value (1) in the logical array I'd get the corresponding value of the double array (first array) saved in the new array (third array).
How can I do that? I tried looking up for that on the " Relational Operations" but I could'nt find something relevant, Should I do an if condition statement and how?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Aug 2021
result = DoubleArray(LogicalArray);
Logical indexing.
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Engineer Undergoing
Engineer Undergoing on 9 Aug 2021
worked like a charm, I didn't expect it to be this simple

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