How should I make A and b matrix in fmincon function?

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I have problem with minimization of my function. I would like to use fmincon function. To use it I need to make two matrix: A(coefficients befor variables in equetion) and b(free coefficient). It's my equetion: z=a+b*x1+c*x2+d*x3+e*x1x2+f*x1x3+g*x2x3+h*x1.^2+x2.^2+x3.^2 Can someone tell me how should I make these two matrix?
I'll really appreciate your help!

Accepted Answer

Ahmed on 9 Oct 2013
Edited: Ahmed on 9 Oct 2013
fmincon is for minimization of a function under linear constraints A*X<=b. As you gave no information about your constraints, no statement about A and b can be made. Do you have any constrains? If not, then you can use fminunc, for unconstrained optimization, or if you want to use fmincon, just use A=[]; and b=[];

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 9 Oct 2013
Alan Weiss
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