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Please restore the question

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Please delete my question since there was no reasonable answer. I will reword the question to make some things clearer.

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Probably posted here by accident. Not an answer.

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Confirmed. It also solved my issue ubuntu20.04.

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Answer unrelated to question

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Method clearly demonstrated.

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Same identical (homework?) Q? as answered couple days ago.

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Perfect answer

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accepted answer is a self-comment.

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very helpful!

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If this were a free software, the solution would be acceptable. As it stands, there should be more discussion on whether MatLab can test these errors and give a more precise error message as per an excellent comment further down.

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facing same issue

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@Nishant Sitapara: So what should we do? Are you sure that this question is copied from his course or could it be the other way around? I suggest to let the professor contact the admins (see the Contact links on the bottom of this page, if there is a copy right infringment.

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It works

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Note that since R2022a the container names have changed. It is now: polyspace-access-etl-0-main, polyspace-access-web-server-0-main and polyspace-access-db-0-main (the zero is new)

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Criticism by random poster without explanation. Might be trolling?

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correct answer?

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OP deleted question content. Please revert.

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Answered @ <https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/1711795-what-does-a-fs-audioread-filename-do?s_tid=answers_rc1-1_p1_MLT> If there is a follow-up needed, put it there

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you are answering, but not answering. Every one else has been facing same problem since Matlab R2019

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Duplicate of https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/1664394, which seems to have the more pertinent question title.

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Not related to the question?

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OP deleted attached file, please restore

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Please revert original attachments!

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This is a question copied from ML course on Coursera by Prof. Andrew Ng. This is the exact file contents of the programming assignment question.

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OP removed Question text and file.

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Not an answer, and is completely different as a question from the original post.

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to be moved to the answer section

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It's not clear how this is related to MATLAB. Asking for help implementing an image processing algorithm is IMO appropriate for Answers; asking for the algorithm itself seems better suited for a different forum.

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Not wrong, but not really relevant