Problem 1102. USC Fall 2012 ACM : Find Largest Water Concentration

This Challenge is to solve Question B, Water?, of the USC ACM Fall 2012 Contest.

Given a character array A of minerals(A:Z) and a vector, iswater, of Water bearing minerals(A:Z) and a minimum rectangular size to evaluate, determine the Region with the Maximum water density. Report the larger region if two have the same density.

Specifically, report the Total water symbols and the Area of the highest density region.

Input: [ A, iswater, s ]

Output: [Total Water Symbols, Area of Rectangle];

The full USC data file


Input: A, iswater, s

Matrix A
iswater vector
s is 3; This is the minimum allowed rectangle size

Output: [8 16] as there are 8 "water symbols" in a 4x4=16 square TLC:(2,2)

The Winning B solution is very large.

Solution Stats

47.06% Correct | 52.94% Incorrect
Last solution submitted on Mar 12, 2015
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