Problem 1646. Kurchan 3x3 - Optimal Score

Find an optimal 3x3 Kurchan square, score of 198.

A 3x3 Kurchan square has values 1:9.The products of each row, column, diagonal, and anti-diagonal are used

The Kurchan-value is the Max minus the Minimum of these products.

Example: m=[5 1 8;3 9 4;7 2 6]

Row Products: 40,108, and 84. Column products 105, 18, and 192.

Diagonal Products: 270, 1*4*7=28, and 8*3*2=48.

Anti-Diagonal Products: 8*9*7=504, 1*3*6=18, and 5*4*2=40.

K is thus 504-18 = 486. [ Max of all products - Min of all products ]

Input: None

Output: Kurchan Square [3x3] that scores 198

I expect someone to give a min size hardcoded solution at some point.

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Solution Stats

66.67% Correct | 33.33% Incorrect
Last solution submitted on May 27, 2016
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