Problem 1774. Free passes for everyone!

Simply return the name of the coolest numerical computation software ever

Extra reward (get a freepass):

Once a month, as an additional reward for solving this problem, you may get a temporary freepass to solve any other Cody problem. To use this freepass follow these steps:

  1. First, at the beginning of a new month, solve this problem correctly
  2. Then immediately visit the Cody problem that you wish to solve, click 'Solve this now', and enter within the function body of your solution the line:

and Cody may accept that solution as correct.

You will typically need to repeat step (2) above multiple times until Cody does accept your solution as correct. If you are getting an error message saying Undefined variable "freepass" or class "freepass.please" simply continue repeating step 2 until you pass the problem and get a message saying freepass granted, congratulations!.


1) For each Cody player, this problem will grant a new freepass per day until one is successfully used to pass a different Cody problem. Once this happens this problem will only grant the same Cody player a new freepass the next Calendar month.

2) How many times do I need to submit a freepass.please solution to a different Cody problem for it to pass? Short answer: around 10, but perhaps as many as 30 times (your faith may be tested, but perseverance will be rewarded at the end :)

Long answer: at any given time, Cody has many servers running players' solutions (perhaps around 20 servers?). Every time that you solve this problem a freepass is issued only for the particular server where your solution was evaluated. When you run a freepass.please solution, if that solution is run in the same server where a freepass was issued your solution will pass, otherwise you will get an "_undefined variable freepass_" error. So in order for your solution to pass you simply need to keep resubmitting it until you finally hit the same server where your freepass-problem solution was originally evaluated. Also note that, from time to time, Cody will close a server and start a new one. If that happens any freepass stored in that server will be lost (and you will need to try again steps 1 and 2 above next day)

3) Your correct solution will get a score of 100 (this is typically high enough so that we do not troll the score lead with these freepasses)

4) Feel free to explore this problem testsuite to see how this works, but please respect some basic courtesy guidelines if you decide to implement your own (e.g. the service does not interfere with the normal Cody operation; it cleans up after itself; don't use it to get a leading score; etc.) Comments and suggestions for improvement are appreciated!

5) This freepass service is 'likeware'. Please 'like' this problem if you liked the code or enjoy using your freepasses :)

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Last Solution submitted on Jun 11, 2024

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