Problem 1883. GJam 2013 China Event: Happy Teams 100 Pairs

This Challenge is derived from GJam 2013 China Bad Horse partial of data set #2. Cody appears to have a testsuite size limit so only 32 of 100 cases are loaded. Brute force of 2^100 permutations may time out. The problem is codified using a cell array of names.

The Challenge involves creating two teams with no pair of individuals on either team having a conflict. The input is a list of pairs of individuals who can not be placed on the same team. The Challenge is to determine if two teams can be created that do not have any players with conflicts.

Input: conflicted name pairs (cell array of pairs of names)

Output: TF (TF=1 if two Good teams are possible, 0 if Happy teams are non-producible)

Competition Summary: Best Time of 11 minutes, 707 out of 776 correct

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Last Solution submitted on Dec 09, 2018

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