Problem 2052. provide the numerical answer to these number questions...

return a row matrix containing the sorted numbers which answer the following questions:

 a) what is the first Knuth number to repeat 3 times?
 b) how many Platonic solids are there?
 c) what base is the decimal number system in?
 d) what is the additive identity?
 e) what is the multiplicative identity?
 f) what is the smallest perfect number?
 g) in the Fibonacci sequence, what is the larget cube number?
 h) what is the number of spatial dimension we live in?
 i) what is the square of the only even Prime?
 j) what is the only even Prime?
 k) any number can be divided by this digit if the repeated sum of the digits is this digit

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61.54% Correct | 38.46% Incorrect
Last solution submitted on Jul 21, 2017

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