Problem 216. Is this date a palindrome?emordnilap a etad siht sI

Take a MATLAB date number as input, and return true if the date is a palindrome, false if the date is not a palindrome. A date number is a scalar double representing the decimal days since Jan. 1, 0000 (type "help datenum").

The date shall be considered a palindrome if the "mmddyy" form of the date is a palindrome with leading zeros removed from months and days. Thus, a date number of 706076 corresponds to March 3, 1933, which can be written 03/03/33. Then the leading zeros are removed to get "3333" --> true. Date number 695118 corresponds to March 3, 1903, i.e. "030303" which reduces to "3303" --> false.

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44.74% Correct | 55.26% Incorrect
Last solution submitted on Aug 26, 2015

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