Problem 242. Make a function that returns its own character count

Write a function that returns a 128 element vector with an accurate inventory of the ASCII characters in its own function file. The test suite uses textscan to verify that your function returns the exact same census.

 file = textscan(fid,'%c','CommentStyle','%','Whitespace','')
 filetext = file{1};
 texthist = histc(filetext,1:128);

Newlines are suppressed by this approach, so you may assume the counts for ASCII 10 and 13 are zero.

Special Note: The characters associated with ASCII values 33-41 are not allowed in your function. For clarity, these are

 33 !
 34 "
 35 #
 36 $
 37 %
 38 &
 39 '
 40 (
 41 )

Solution Stats

25.62% Correct | 74.38% Incorrect
Last solution submitted on Dec 16, 2016

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