Problem 52075. Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG)

Given an isotope's atomic mass (in amu), half-life (in years(a) or days(d)), and average kinetic energy absorbed (of emitted decay alpha or beta particle and recoiled atom in MeV), output the power (watts) per gram (of the pure isotope) that could be achieved in an RTG with 100% efficiency (rounded to 5 decimal places). Output the time (in years) that 1 kilogram of the isotope could produce at least 100 watts (rounded to 3 decimal places). One year equals 365.25 days.
For example, Tritium (H-3) has an atomic mass of 3.01604928 amu, has a half-life of '12.32a' (a==years), and it's decay produces a Beta(-) particle that emits with an average kinetic energy (plus recoil KE of nucleus) of 0.005683 MeV.
p = 0.32412 (in watts/gram)
t = 20.901 (in years)

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