Problem 552. Cell Array Inception?

Jimmy is a beginning MATLAB student who is trying to read in a text file and build a cell array of strings, where A{k} is the kth line of the text file. He writes the following code, and is confused when it doesn't work:

fid = fopen('myfile.txt','r');
A = {};
while ~feof(fid)
    A = {A fgetl(fid)};

What he finds is that after the loop, A only has two components, no matter what the file length. The second component is the last line of the file, and the first component is another cell array! He then realizes that A{1} also has two components, where the second component is the second-last line of the file and the first component is yet another cell array!

Your task: write a function to undo this "cell-array Inception" and return the proper cell array of strings that Jimmy is looking for. Implement B = unInception(A), where A is the cell array as returned by Jimmy's code.

Solution Stats

41.03% Correct | 58.97% Incorrect
Last solution submitted on Dec 18, 2014
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