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Tracebility Diagrams - Simulink Requirements

Abhishek on 25 Oct 2023
Latest activity Reply by Abhishek on 25 Oct 2023

Hello All,
I was wondering, from which version Tracebility Diagrams are available (in SLK Req)?
Abhishek KUMAR
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 25 Oct 2023
It looks like traceability work goes back to 2019b for the Requirements Toolbox. Here are the release notes:
Abhishek on 25 Oct 2023
Hello Hans,
Thank you for the link. Tracebility Matrix was there from 2019b, but I was looking for Tracebility Diagram. I got the answer. It seems to be from 2021b.
Abhishek KUMAR

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