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Riccardo Spartà
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How to get real-time outputs and real-time inputs from/to Simulink, without using Simulink Real-Time?

Riccardo Spartà on 8 Dec 2023
Latest activity Reply by Jan Studnicka on 11 Dec 2023

Hi everyone,
for my thesis project I would need to get, every second of the simulation, real-time output data from a Simulink model, without using Simulink Real-Time, as it supports only Speedgoat Hardware. Is there a particular set of blocks for that purpose?
I have to provide that real-time data to hardware for an Hardware in the Loop Simulation so I will need to be able also to receive, as an input, data from the hardware to the Simulink model, again every second of the simulation, to close the loop of the simulation.
Thank you in advance for your support.
Jan Studnicka
Jan Studnicka on 8 Dec 2023 (Edited on 8 Dec 2023)
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Dec 2023
When I poke around the documentation, the references I find for HIL testing all seem to be against Simulink Real Time; it is not at all clear that they would work for Simulink Desktop Real Time ?
Jan Studnicka
Jan Studnicka on 11 Dec 2023 (Edited on 11 Dec 2023)
Jan Studnicka
Jan Studnicka on 11 Dec 2023
Riccardo Spartà
Riccardo Spartà on 9 Dec 2023
Thank you for the feedback! As most of the references do not suggest to use Simulink for HiL testing, what do you personally suggest? If possible, avoiding to buy special additional hardware for the case.

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