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Gumaa Abdelrhim
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Moment- axial force intrection

Gumaa Abdelrhim on 10 Dec 2023 (Edited on 10 Dec 2023)
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Hi, I have this equation for moment-axial force interaction: 0.25*(M/M0)^2 + (N/N0) = 1. This equation produces the following curve. Now, I need to make a change to this equation so that the first term becomes (M/M0)^2, and the second term can be changed while keeping (N/N0). The other side of the equation remains the same. ((M/M0)^2+?? = 1). I need to get the same curve as in the figure.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Dec 2023
You currently have an equation of the form
and you want an equation of the form
with C currently unknown.
Let us solve:
A/4 + B = 1 --> A + 4*B = 4 --> A = 4 - 4*B
and your target is
A + C = 1 --> A = 1 - C
so 4 - 4*B = 1 - C and solve for C, gives C = 1 + 4B - 4 --> C = 4*B - 3
So your target equation is then
A + (4*B - 3) == 1
Gumaa Abdelrhim
Gumaa Abdelrhim on 11 Dec 2023 (Edited on 11 Dec 2023)
Thank you for this answer but that will affect the other side of the equation: A+4B=4. For more clarification, I use this equation ((N/N0)^2+(V/V0)^+(Mx/VMx0)^2)+ (My/Vy0)^2=1) for the plasticity limit. I have a problem with the first term of this equation only, and it does not work correctly with the rest of the other terms. Therefore, I want to modify this term only to obtain acceptable results for plasticity.

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