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Mamdani Fuzzy Logic App

version 1.0.1 (104 KB) by Devanshu Thakar
An emergency alert app is designed using inputs from an android device. In case of emergency GPS location are sent to a nearby device.


Updated 05 Dec 2021

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An emergency alert app using the accelerometer and the microphone input signals from an android device is designed using Simulink package for Android. Depending on the values of magnitude of acceleration and microphone amplitude, level of emergencies are determined. If the highest level of emergnecy is detected then the device's GPS location are send to nearby device using bluetooth.
Receiver.slx is the simulink file for the receiver app. To implement the logic to detect emergency two different approch were used. The two approaches are explained as follow.
  1. Using basic if-else logic blocks to implement the app. Part_a.slx contains simulink file for this approach. The level of emergency for this part are discrete values of 1,2 and 3 denoting low,medium and high emergency levels.
  2. Using a Mamdani fuzzy logic to detect emergency. Part_b.slx contains the simulink file for this approach. The level of emergecy in fuzzy logic implementation is a continus value between 0 to 1. If the value of emergency level is greator or equal to 0.8 then it is considered as highest level of emergency.
To implement the fuzzy logic, the Fuzzy logic toolbox of MATLAB was used. The fuzzy logic is stored in FuzzyLogic.fis file.

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Nishikant Parmar, Devanshu Thakar (2021). Mamdani Fuzzy Logic App (, MATLAB Central File Exchange

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