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Get location specific weather data from Yahoo! Weather.


Updated 8 Jan 2007

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YWEATHER(LOCATION) queries the Yahoo! Weather RSS feed for the specified location, and returns a struct containing the queried information.

The first input argument LOCATION can be one or more (U.S.) ZIP Codes or Location IDs. It can be a string, a vertical char array, or a vertical cell array of strings. To determine s Location ID, visit and browse or search for the relevant location(s).

The second argument UNIT is optional, and can be either 'f' for Fahrenheit or 'c' for Celsius. It can be a single char string, a vertical char array, or a vertical cell array of strings. Yahoo! Weather's default value for UNIT is 'f'.

For more information about the RSS feeds and the data contained within them, visit

Data is acquired in XML format, after which it is converted into a struct using the xml_parse function. This function is available in the XML Toolbox by Marc Molinari on the MATLAB Central File Exchange (File ID 4278).


Example 1: Using a ZIP Code.
yweather('10001') returns a 1x1 struct having fields (among others): 'New York'
yweather_atmosphere.humidity: 50
yweather_astronomy.sunrise: '6:06 am'
item.yweather_condition.temp: 35 'Thu, 16 Mar 2006 2:51 am EST'

Example 2: Using a Location ID and (optional) unit.
yweather('UKXX0085','c') returns a 1x1 struct.

Example 3: Using a cell array of three locations.
yweather({'90028';'14850';'CAXX0301'}) returns a 3x1 struct.

Example 4: Using a char array of two ZIP Codes.
yweather(['56711';'33040']) returns a 2x1 struct.

Example 5: Using a cell array of three locations, in degrees Celsius.
yweather({'98381';'USCA0715';'04652'},'c') returns a 3x1 struct.

Example 6: Using a cell array of two locations, in variable units.
yweather({'27949';'UKXX0061'},{'f';'c'}) returns a 2x1 struct.

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