Version 1.0.1 (5.12 KB) by Derek Wood
A modified and embellished version of the absurd "why()" easter egg. Includes substantially more syntactic variety over the original.
Updated 17 Jan 2022

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The file that nobody asked for. This improved version adds substantially more subject/pronoun variety, plus numerous infrequently-observed sentence structures that can combine in interesting ways. Something unusual and interesting every time!
Some output examples are below...
Here's what I know: they fired an alarmingly useless and young and wrong hamster so that one odd programmer could stupify everyone; after that every capable software developer told me to.
One secretive terrified and terribly mercurial but odd and quaintly odd hamster yelled at some impossiblt rich and peculiarly useless pedant because one misunderstood programmer asked a naysayer; moreover, that woefully anonymous but not wrong software developer exploded; after that though, it condemned one suspicious programmer because that plausibly unprepared software developer asked a misunderstood scientist.
As far as I know, some tall terrible moron paid someone else to do it.
So Mara could influence the lazy and quaintly out-of-control robot.
Between you and me, it was to please one middle manager. And don't ever ask about it again.
That plausibly out-of-control but wrong mathematician never imagined it would actually get used; accordingly he never imagined it would actually get used; although some openly self-absorbed moron amazed some impossibly terrible tech support guru for the amazement from Martha, but then nevertheless, Steve suddenly became overwhelmed with a devastating sense of apathy, but then ultimately, Joe told one self-absorbed lunatic, but then afterwards, they ended up being right about everything Like everything; after that though, one awfully good hamster demanded a different solution, and then alarmingly, Nausheen never bothered to double-check it; nevertheless you was really embarrassed by that very mysterious but sinister jerk so every good moron could evade her; in spite of this, some noticeably heroic costumed stranger spent all the money.
It happened on the grounds that Cleve told one tragically misunderstood but good but not awfully wrong and capable moron after Martha bullied one programmer. And that's all there is to say about that.

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slight update of code with even more syntactic variety.