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Single degree of freedom (SDOF) system analytical solution

version 1.0.2 (238 KB) by Mohammad abazari
Solve any SDOF problem only providing stiffness, mass, damping coefficient.


Updated 18 Jan 2022

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Inputs are ([mass, stiffness, damping_coefficient], number_of_natural_periods_to_plot, Forcing_function, Initial_conditions), while ouputs include the differential equation and it's analytical solution in addition to a plot over the specified interval ([0,n*T_n]).
[uso,eqnd] = msdof(mkx,n,F,U)
mkx = [mass, stiffness, damping_coefficient],
n = number_of_natural_periods_to_plot, %
F = Forcing_function, % could be any function or constant
U = initial_condition = [initial_displacement, initial_velocity] = [u0, ud0].
Examples from the below mentioned book will clarify the rest.
Kelly, S. Graham. Mechanical vibrations: theory and applications. Cengage learning, 2012.

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