Multiwavelet toolbox for MATLAB
Updated 28 Jan 2022

Multiwavelet toolbox for MATLAB

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This repository contains the Multiwavelet toolbox for MATLAB. Presented Multiwavelet toolbox was developed in MATLAB 2021b and consists of 13 main functions, 10 support functions, 2 scripts, and a data file. Currently, the toolbox can implement Discrete Multiwavelet transform (DMWT), Multilevel DMWT, Symmetrical multilevel DMWT, 2D DMWT, 2D multilevel DMWT, and of course inverse transform, with the use of the following Multiwavelets:

  • DB2-DB8
  • Haar
  • DGHM
  • SA4
  • BAT01-BAT03
  • CL02, CL03

The toolbox contains a script for generating custom Multiwavelets as well as the script with examples.


To use this toolbox, you need to save it on your computer and then in MATLAB add the toolbox folder to the MATLAB path. Make sure the support_functions folder is in the path as well. Then you can use the toolbox by calling respective functions.


If this software is used to make a contribution to the findings published in an article, then please consider citing our conference paper. You can generate a citation in APA or BibTeX format in the Github repository or you can use this citation.

Kromka, J., Kováč, O., & Šaliga, J. (2022). Multiwavelet toolbox for MATLAB [Conference paper].

Abstract of the conference paper

The Wavelet transform in the last decades gained a lot of popularity among researchers for its properties and abilities. The main subject of this article is the Multiwavelet transform, which derivates from the Wavelet transform and has the same properties and abilities while providing additional properties and abilities, which the Wavelet transform cannot achieve. There exists a lot of freely available and easy-to-use tools to implement Wavelet transform. This cannot be said about the Multiwavelet transform. Based on that fact, the Multiwavelet toolbox for Matlab is proposed in the article. The article consists of two main parts. The first one is focused on Multiwavelet transform description and particularly on its convolution implementation. The second part describes the proposed toolbox and shows some examples of its uses. The proposed toolbox consists of more than 25 original functions and scripts, and it is offered as GPL licensed software for scientific and educational purposes.


You can contact authors by email:

We will be happy about any suggestions, ideas, and contributions to improve this toolbox. It is also possible to add custom Multiwavelet as long you know matrix impulse responses of the Multiwavelet.


This toolbox is licensed under the GPLv3 for scientific and educational purposes in the hope it will be useful for anyone who wants to learn about Multiwavelets and Multiwavelet transform or to make research about them.

Cite As

Kromka, Jozef, et al. “Multiwavelet Toolbox for MATLAB.” 2022 32nd International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA), IEEE, 2022, doi:10.1109/radioelektronika54537.2022.9764952.

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.
To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.