Scalebar for images and plots

Create a customizable scalebar for x- and/or y-axis of a 2D plot.
Updated 30 Nov 2022

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Create a scalebar object for x- and or y-axis. Scalebar appearance is configured on creation, through setting of properties, or interactively using a context menu.
Note: For precise positioning, plotboxpos is required.
  • Option to autoadjust scalebar on zoom.
  • Scalebar stays in place on zooming and panning
  • Update scalebar size and appearance interactively from contextmenu
  • Save scalebar appearance to preferences, so next scalebar created will use same appearance.
f = figure();
hAx = axes(f);
imshow('cell.tif', 'Parent', hAx);
pixPerUm = 5;
scalebarLength = 10; % scalebar will be 10 micrometer long
unit = sprintf('%sm', '\mu'); % micrometer
hScalebar = scalebar(hAx, 'x', scalebarLength, unit, 'Location', 'southeast', ...
'ConversionFactor', pixPerUm);
Known Bugs
Scalebar position is not correctly updated when interactive zooming tools are activated and user doubleclicks in axes

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Eivind Hennestad (2024). Scalebar for images and plots (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2020b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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