Critical Scenario Generation Toolkit

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IV 2020 "CSG: Critical Scenario Generation from Real Traffic Accidents"
Updated 16 May 2022

Critical Scenario Generation Toolkit


This repo offers the source code for Critical Scnenario Generation (CSG) toolkit. The toolkit aims to extract dynamic (trajectories) and static (road) elements from a given surveillance or dash camera video, and fromulated as OpenDrive and OpenScenario files as outputs.

How to build

  1. Install system dependencies:
sudo apt-get install python3-tk
  1. Install python3 package:
pip3 install Cython numpy
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  1. compile cython package
cd src/track/kcf && make & cd ../../../

How to run:

  1. Edit variables in (Optional)
  2. Download machine learning models from Google Drive and unzip to "data" folder.
  3. Run
  • For survelliance video:
  • For dash camera video:

It uses ORB-SLAM2 to get extrinsic parameters of moving camera. Please install ORB-SLAM2 first and put the executable file under the "/src/SLAM" folder.

Then run:



At least 1 GPU is needed. By default, the models are deployed on gpu:0. You can change your settings in "config" file.

Folder structure

+-- critical-scenario-generation
¦   +-- data
¦   ¦   +-- yolo
¦   ¦   +-- vehicle_reid
¦   ¦   +-- mask_rcnn_ego
¦   ¦   +-- mask_rcnn
¦   ¦   +-- lane
¦   ¦   +-- depth
¦   +-- src
¦   ¦   +-- SLAM
¦   ¦   ¦   +-- mono_kitti
¦   ¦   +-- ...
¦   +-- Lib_OpenSCENARIO
¦   +-- icon
¦   +--
¦   +--
¦   +--
¦   +--
¦   +-- requirements.txt




If you use our source code, please consider citing the following:

  title={CSG: critical scenario generation from real traffic accidents},
  author={Zhang, Xinxin and Li, Fei and Wu, Xiangbin},
  booktitle = {IV},

Cite As

fei li (2024). Critical Scenario Generation Toolkit (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.