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Earth Albedo Toolbox

version (649 KB) by Dan Bhanderi
The Albedo Toolbox provides functions for calculating the Earth albedo illuminating a spacecraft.


Updated 11 Aug 2008

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Earth albedo is the sunlight reflected off the Earth's surface. The Earth albedo induces power in solar cells on spacecrafts just like direct sunlight. The Earth Albedo Toolbox may be used to calculate the amount of Earth albedo arriving at an object in space, maintaining information of direction of the Earth albedo, useful for objects in low Earth-orbit. The Earth Abledo model is useful for investigating excess energy produces by solar panels, and for improving vector observations by Sun sensors. A Simulink interface is provided with toolbox.

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ruox li

Oday Shahadh


Maria (view profile)

Where is it possible to get the reflectance data needed for this? If someone has it could they please send it to me? I need this for a university project.


Andres (view profile) looks like just applying 1366.9w/m2. The we must apply the factor (1AU)^2/(Xsun-Xcell)^2


Andres (view profile)

Hi! nice toolbox. I have a question. Is it corrected for the actual distance between the Sun and the surface element? (1AU)^2/(Xsun-Xsurf)^2

Miguel Hagenfeldt

Muhammad Yasir

This is indeed very helpful toolbox but could you please also add the reflectance data for this year or for future in this tool box?

Joel Handy


Clarified Cartesian coordinates for albedo.m.

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