PSO Regression

PSO and BBO Regression on Marriage and Divorce Dataset
Updated 17 Aug 2022


PSO and BBO Regression on Marriage and Divorce Dataset ((Marriage and Divorce Dataset)) Data Set Information:

This data contains 31 columns (100x31). The first 30 columns are features (inputs), namely Age Gap, Education, Economic Similarity, Social Similarities, Cultural Similarities, Social Gap, Common Interests, Religion Compatibility, No of Children from Previous Marriage, Desire to Marry, Independency, Relationship with the Spouse Family, Trading in, Engagement Time, Love, Commitment, Mental Health, The Sense of Having Children, Previous Trading, Previous Marriage, The Proportion of Common Genes, Addiction, Loyalty, Height Ratio, Good Income, Self Confidence, Relation with Non-spouse Before Marriage, Spouse Confirmed by Family, Divorce in the Family of Grade 1 and Start Socializing with the Opposite Sex Age. The 31th column is Divorce Probability (Target).

Anyone can use this data with proper acknowledgment/citation. Attribute Information: This data contains 30 features (inputs) and one target. Features are:

  1. Age Gap 2.Education 3.Economic Similarity 4.Social Similarities 5.Cultural Similarities 6.Social Gap 7.Common Interests 8.Religion Compatibility 9.No of Children from Previous Marriage 10.Desire to Marry 11.Independency 12.Relationship with the Spouse Family 13.Trading in 14.Engagement Time 15.Love 16.Commitment 17.Mental Health 18.The Sense of Having Children 19.Previous Trading 20.Previous Marriage 21.The Proportion of Common Genes 22.Addiction 23.Loyalty 24.Height Ratio 25.Good Income 26.Self Confidence 27.Relation with Non-spouse Before Marriage 28.Spouse Confirmed by Family 29.Divorce in the Family of Grade 1 30.Start Socializing with the Opposite Sex Age The target is Divorce Probability.

Relevant Paper or Citation Request: Mousavi, S. M. H., MiriNezhad, S. Y., & Lyashenko, V, An evolutionary-based adaptive Neuro-fuzzy expert system as a family counselor before marriage with the aim of divorce rate reduction, 2nd International Conference on Research Knowledge Base in Computer, Tehran, Iran, (2017). Marriage_Divorce_DB

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S. Muhammad Hossein Mousavi (2024). PSO Regression (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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