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Polyhedron and polytope computations

version (228 KB) by Sandy Veres
Set of routines to perform operatioons on polytopes and polyhedra


Updated 11 Jul 2006

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This is a selection of routines to perform error controlled operations on polytopes and polyhedra of any dimensions. Facets and vertices are explicit parts of the object representations. 3D objects can be plotted. Ellipsoid, cylinder, non-convex polyhedron and other solid shape computations are also available in the a full package of the Geometric Bounding Toolbox, GBT 7.3 at . Object oriented version is also available using MATLAB objects.

Comments and Ratings (6)

bensolve tools is a free and open source alternative

i scrdanzan

but completely rigth the ''other reviewewr's '' comment that you (dr.Veres) are making commercial adv. here
if not then make available your codes.
... commercial plug-in are adv in another mathwork page

veres sandy

Completely wrong the other reviewewr's comment that "geom3D" is a substitute for this software. This package works in 4,5,6 etc dimensional space.

foe bar

Obfuscated commercial library, use "geom3d" instead

Aron G Veres


Is this an advertisement for a commercial package ?

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