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Code traces for exploring and troubleshooting executing code
Updated 26 Oct 2022

Code Trace for MATLAB®

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Code Trace for MATLAB is a collection of functions for creating and manipulating code traces, which can be used to help understand what is happening in code as it executes. A code trace prints a brief note to the MATLAB Command Window whenever a specific line of code is executed. A code trace might just print the function name and line number, or it might also print a label and the value of variable or expression.

screen shot of displaying a function name and line number

screen shot of displaying a the value of variable

Basic Usage

Call addCodeTrace with the name of a MATLAB function or script file and the line number that you want to trace:


Then, call your function as your normally would:

out = myfunc(input1,input2);

See the script GettingStarted.mlx, in the doc folder, for examples.


Code Trace for MATLAB requires MATLAB release R2019b or newer.

Download the files to a folder on your computer, and place that folder on the MATLAB Search Path.


The license is available in the License file within this repository.

Community Support

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Created with R2022b
Compatible with R2019b and later releases
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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.