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Examples showing how to use TopoART neural networks from MATLAB.


Updated 22 Jan 2023

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Adaptive Resonance Theory, or ART, has been developed as a model to explain brain mechanisms such as rapid categorisation of objects, remembering information over very long time ranges, and balancing between expected and unexpected information. ART neural networks possess some unique properties such as fast learning, resistance to catastrophic forgetting, and an incremental architecture which allows the insertion of new neurons on demand.
TopoART combines these properties with the ability of topology-learning neural networks to associate related neurons in order to represent the topology of the input. This knowledge can be exploited in various ways, e.g., clusters of arbitrary shapes can be learnt, the spatio-temporal context of input can be used to facilitate network training, and episodes can be formed.
The combined properties of ART and topology-learning neural networks render TopoART neural networks particularly well suited to frequent problems arising in cognitive robotics and advanced machine learning, such as online-learning, lifelong learning from data streams, as well as incremental learning and prediction from non-stationary data, noisy data, imbalanced data, and incomplete data.
The provided code demonstrates how these neural networks can be used for topological clustering of noisy data and function approximation (regression). It is based on the .NET library LibTopoART.Compatibility.dll which needs to be installed before the sample can be run. Scripts for installing and uninstalling this library and its dependencies are included.
Future releases will contain examples for further fields of application.

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Version 0.1.0 has been adapted to LibTopoART 0.97.


An example demonstrating how TopoART-R networks can be used to approximate a one-dimensional function was added.