WAQI (World Air Quality Index) API client

WAQI (World Air Quality Index) API client for MATLAB
Updated 7 Nov 2022

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WAQI client for MATLAB

WAQI (World Air Quality Index) provides open API for reading air quality data from the stations registered on the project.

Get your API token

Request the WAQI API access token at https://aqicn.org/api/.


Air quality data for the given location

token = "<your token>";
aqi = waqi.WAQI(token);

% Get data for the given known city
bangkok = aqi.city("bangkok");

% Get data from the nearest station for given coordinates
seattle = aqi.nearest([47.62050, -122.34930]);

Plot received forecast data:

forecast = seattle.Forecast.pm25;

plot(forecast.Time, forecast.Avg, Color="black", LineWidth=1.5, Color=[0, 0.3, 0.5])
title("Air Quality Forecast")
hold on
plot(forecast.Time, forecast.Max, Color=[0.6, 0.6, 0.6])
plot(forecast.Time, forecast.Min, Color=[0.3, 0.3, 0.3])
legend(["Avg", "Max", "Min"], Location="northwest")
hold off

Forecast graph for Seattle

List of stations for the given geographical area

% Geographic boundary
chiang_mai_area = [
    geopoint(19.05580, 98.53775)
    geopoint(18.41727, 99.32121)

% Get list of stations
result = aqi.stations(chiang_mai_area)

Result includes locations of returned stations, station information and current readings of AQI: List of stations in Chiang Mai area

Display stations on the map:

station_names = [result.Station.Name];
station_descriptions = arrayfun(@(a, t) sprintf("AQI: %.0f<br/>Measured: %s", a, string(t, "M/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss XXX")), result.AQI, result.Timestamp);

colors = cell2mat(arrayfun(@colorcode, result.AQI, UniformOutput=false));

wmmarker(result.Location, FeatureName=station_names, Description=station_descriptions, Color=colors);

% A helper function to color code values of AQI
function color = colorcode(aqi)
    if aqi <= 50
        % Good
        color = [0, 153/255, 102/255];
    elseif aqi <= 100
        % Moderate
        color = [1, 222/255, 51/255];
    elseif aqi <= 150
        % Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
        color = [1, 153/255, 51/255];
    elseif aqi <= 200
        % Unhealthy
        color = [204/255, 0, 51/255];
    elseif aqi <= 300
        % Very Unhealthy
        color = [102/255, 0, 153/255];
        % Hazardous
        color = [126/255, 0, 35/255];

Map of stations in Chiang Mai area

Air quality data for a specific station

% Find station with the worst AQI
[~, i] = max(result.AQI);
worst_station = result.Station([i(1)]);

% Get air quality data for given station
measurements = aqi.station(worst_station)

Cite As

Sergey Kostrukov (2024). WAQI (World Air Quality Index) API client (https://github.com/kostrse/waqi-matlab/releases/tag/v0.3), GitHub. Retrieved .

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.
To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.