Gmr.m (NMR & MRI Properties)

Provides gyromagnetic ratio and other NMR properties for nuclei
Updated 29 Aug 2006

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GMR returns the gyromagnetic ratio and other NMR properties for various nuclei as well as the electron.
Besides the function format, the command format will work as well, e.g. "gmr Na23 hzpt 3.0".

Format: y=gmr(nucleus,unit,b0)
"nucleus" = string or number specifying the nucleus (not case sensitive)
e.g. '31P','p31', or 31 or even '31'.
For some cases specifying the element is sufficient, e.g. 'p' for 'p31'.
If "nucleus"='all' (default) then "y" is a cell array of the entire table.
"unit" = a string specifying one of the following:
1.) Gyromagnetic ratio unit
2.) Desired parameter value of the following:
string label
nuclear spin
nuclear quadrupole moment in fm^2
nuclear magnetic moment in nuclear magnetons
natural abundance in mole percent
relative sensitivity wrt 1H
quadrupole line width
3.) 'all' - "y" is a structured variable with the above fields.
"b0" = field strength, if specified then "y" is the Larmor frequency (in Hz or rad/s).
"y" = one of table, output value determined by unit, or structured variable.
If multiple matches occur, "y" is a cell array of the matched isotopes.

gmr(1,'rpgs') ans = 2.6752e+004
gmr P31 ans = 1.7251e+007
gmr(13,'nat') ans = 1.0700
gmr('1h',1.5) ans = 6.3866e+007
gmr na label ans = 23Na

R.K.Harris et. al., Pure and Applied Chemistry, 2001, 73:1795-1818.
Electron value:

Isotopes (file id 11722) by Peter Volegov performs a similar function with different references and program usage. I recommend the user to try both programs.

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