FileSeries - Rename / renumber files, recursive directories

Renaming and renumbering for series of files ; generalize the use of wildcards (*) for CD, LS ...
Updated 2 Jun 2010

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This directory contains a set of functions for recursive operations on files and folders (wildcards on subdirectories allowed), including automatic renaming and renumbering of series of files and folders. This may be useful for handling a large number of files:

cdw - Change directory (like CD), allowing wildcard (*).
lsw - List directory (like LS), allowing wildcard (*).
rdir - Recursive list directory.
rdelete - Delete files recursively.
rrmdir - Delete directories recursively.
renamefile - Rename a series of files.
renumberfile - Re-number the indices of a series of files
getfilenum - Get the index of a series of files.


CDW mydir*/dir*12 works as CD, but wildcards (*) are allowed

F = RDIR('set*/DSC*.*') returns all the files matching DSC*.* in all
the directories matching set*.

RENAMEFILE('DSC*.JPG','DSC','myphoto') renames the files 'DSC00001.JPG',
'DSC00002.JPG',... as 'myphoto00001.JPG','myphoto00002.JPG',...

RENUMBERFILE('DSC*.JPG','DSC') renumbers the *.JPG files as

N = GETFILENUM('*.JPG','DSC') returns the indices of JPG-files.

See the help for each function for more examples.

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Version Published Release Notes

New version 1.50. Bugs fixed in rdir and renamefile

Version 1.40: New LSW, CDW. Some functions run much faster (thanks M. Tabarroki!)

bugs fixed