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vsize: a pedestrian variable decoder

version (5.04 KB) by us
VSIZE determines the full anatomy for named or unnamed variables of any depth and complexity


Updated 27 May 2010

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if you are tired of trying to find the WHOS of a member of a complicated container construct, e.g.,

whos dummy;

VSIZE might be what you're looking for

>> help vsize
and the screenshot for information and examples

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us (2020). vsize: a pedestrian variable decoder (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Great job, and very useful ! Wish it were standard built-in, as it was pointed out by Kiron.

Jussi Ramo

Bless you.


Great, useful, tool. Something like this should be standard.



John Chan

Very useful. Thanks for work.

Hurry Up

Go U
That guy D is nearly getting you.
Keep on with this wonderfull usefull posts
(what?, can I have the same info with the ML desktop? NOooo!!)

John D'Errico

This will be a useful tool if you have complicated structures to look at.


for STRUCTs, vsize now adds the number of fieldnames at the end of the descriptor; version tag 27-May-2010 22:55:07

version tag 23-Apr-2010 23:46:32

enhanced help section and screenshot; version tag 23-Apr-2010 21:37:20

more options, which may be interspersed among variables in any order; version tag 23-Apr-2010 18:38:55

added new option switch to only display container (cell/structure) contents; version tag 25-Feb-2009 00:40:39

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