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Digital Image Correlation and Tracking Example Files and Slides

version (7.11 MB) by Christoph Eberl
Package includes Sample Imges for Digital Image Correlation and Tracking


Updated 02 Oct 2006

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The zip file contains 11 tif images which allow you to play around with the Digital Image Correlation files submitted 2006-09-27. Also included are jpgs from an invited talk at the nanomech 2007 where we explained the project and showed some examples as well as the limitations.

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Christoph Eberl (2021). Digital Image Correlation and Tracking Example Files and Slides (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Jenna Wardini

Where is the code?


David Fernández

no code....

ganesh s

Hi Chris,can you tell me how to find the cross correlation & autocorrelation of image i need it in my project
thanking you


Hi Chris, Thanks a lot for your effort!
I have the same problems of maryam abyaneh:

please help me with these:
1- I have 10 slightly displaced pictures but I only get 8 images after DIC.Why?

2- How can I get the result dispalcement for each image?

Thank you very much!


maryam abyaneh

Hi everyone,

First, thanks a lot to Chris for this package.

Would you please help me with these:
1- I have 10 slightly displaced pictures but I only get 8 images after DIC.Why?

2- How can I get the result dispalcement for each image?

I really appreciate this.


Su Ki

Hi Chris,

Is the material in tif images under any loading?
If yes, could you provide your still images for us to check on the noise level?


Su Ki

Asheesh Lanba

Hi Chris,

My congratulations on an extremely easy to use and efficient code. It has made my life much easier.

One problem that I face though is that no matter what I do, I can't seem to get smooth contours using 'Full Strain Plots'. I tried deleting bad markers but nothing seems to work. Do you have any suggestions?



Christoph Eberl

Hi Gabe,

thanks again, we'll change that in the future.

All the best, Chris.

Christoph Eberl

Hi Ryan,

can you open up your filename_list.m and check if the filelist_generator.m generates a wrong list?


Ryan Prantil


I've just started using your cod recently; however, I keep getting errors with your automate_image m-file. Any suggestions?

For a little bit of context, it keeps giving me the reason of a picture file that doesn't exist: ??? Error using ==> imread at 315
File "DSC00059.tif" does not exist.
However, I only inputted picture files up to 58.


This is a great algorithm that seems to be quite robust and easy to use. I recommend it to anybody who needs to track 2D deformations. Thanks again for sharing this! Great work!

Gabe Espinosa

Hi Chris, Thanks a lot for your exchange. The humanity needs to aim this kind of share, in order to benefits our social welfare.
Until know, I only have ne feed back for you

Errata: I think that probably, a syntax error exist during the Rotate orientation otion. The 3D Mesh plot of Displacement, not only change the Displacement axis (x to y), but the position axis. However, the title still keep the same Reference (y position and x position) . It is an easy step to fix this problem, but people need to know that. You must need to switch te axis title to preserve the same coordinate reference.



Christoph Eberl

Hi Zhilei,

thanks a lot for this question, it is very gratifying if our work gets acknowledged.

We wrote a couple of papers (and there are more to come) where we used the code for a variety of purposes, from Young’s modulus measurement (with high homogenous resolution) to plastic deformation at high temperatures (with high local resolution). There are always the two techniques though, correlation and tracking.

I can send you the paper manuscripts if you want.

D. S. Gianola, C. Eberl, ‘Micro- and Nanoscale Tensile Testing of Materials’, invited overview for JOM (2009), in review.

S. P. Joshi, C. Eberl, B. Y. Cao, K.T. Ramesh, K. J. Hemker, ‘On the Occurrence of Portevin – Le Châtelier Instabilities in Ultrafine-Grained 5083 Aluminum Alloys’. Exp. Mech., accepted.

C. Eberl, D. S. Gianola, K. J. Hemker, ‘Mechanical characterization of coatings using microbeam bending and digital image correlation techniques’, Exp. Mech., online available 10.1007/s11340-008-9187-4.

K. J. Hemker, B. G. Mendis, C. Eberl, ‘Characterizing the microstructure and mechanical behavior of two-phase NiCoCrAlY bond coat for thermal barrier systems’, Mat. Sci. Eng. A, 483-484 (2008).

D.S. Gianola, C. Eberl, X. M. Cheng, K. J. Hemker, ‘Stress-driven surface topography evolution in nanocrystalline Al thin films’, Adv. Mat., 20, 2 (2008)

W. N. Sharpe, Jr., J. Pulskamp, D. G. Gianola, C. Eberl, R. G. Polcawich, R, J, Thompson, ‘Strain measurement of silicon dioxide microspecimens by digital image processing’, Exp. Mech., 47, 5 (2007)

Have great holidays and let me know if you need any help,

Cheers, Chris.


Thank you for sharing the code. I have used it for my work. It is relatively easy to follow the instructions. I am wondering if you have published papers to describe your DIC work that I can reference in my future publications.

Baba Marius Nicolae

Chuleeporn Kanthong

Thanks you for example and code .I'm interest for study Digital image.

sanjay malik

info me on further improvements

Yuexin SHE

I'm intresting. But zip file cann't be downloaded. mail this file to me, please. thanks.

Rayner Aloysius Tiam

BN Rao

nadeem ussaleh

hy ineed your help ,to can use image processing in robot

Christoph Eberl

Download works.

Christoph Eberl

I tried to reach the webmaster but did not get an answer yet. Therefore I updated the file since I fear the matlab webinterface pointer has a limitation in file name length. Chris.

Michal Kvasnicka

Download does not work!!!!

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