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FFT Plot

version (348 Bytes) by Bill Higley
A quick-and-dirty FFT Plot


Updated 20 Jan 2002

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An easy-to-use file that plots the power spectral density of a vector

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Bill Higley (2020). FFT Plot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (12)

Li ??

How to download the file?
Could you please send me the m file? Thank you!
My Email is

Omar Nadeem

A waste of time!

Nick C

Poor - PSD wrong! Just look at fft in matlab help and all is explained better.

Patrik Eschle

You should not publish such scripts, this
is less than a q&d hack. Besides poor programming style it is simply incorrect.

b = length(a)/2

Sorry, this will fail for odd number of elements. Besides that, the PSD is not simply the square of abs(fft), see here

mosafa ibrahim

peng t

useful for freshman

prabu prabu

good and usefull for education for students

Minglie Hu


tsai CH

I recomment you add window function before perform fft.

soumya mohanty


Carl Holzinger

good one

Taylor Tian

It will be nice to provide some explaination for the code. Thank you!

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Inspired: Discrete Fourier transform Plot