Balancing of Chemical Reactions when the Reactions are Unknown.
Updated 22 Feb 2008

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WARNING: This procedure is effective even when reactions are not known a priori (reactants & products that participate in the reaction).
This m-file presents a method for identifying and balancing any number of chemical reactions. The procedure is based on the singular-value-decomposition of the formula matrix for the reaction mixture. The method is effective even when the reactions are not known a priori.

(varargin) = (s1 = species 1(cell array),s2 = species 2(cell array)
...sN = species N(cell array)
The species is the 'formula'. eg. 'CH4' .

A table of the balancing coefficients. The sign minus or plus indicates in what side of the reaction they are.

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Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz (2024). Balancing (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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