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Circuit Level Analog / Mixed Signal Examples

version (9.73 MB) by Dick Benson
Collection of Circuit Level AMS Models using Simulink and SimScape


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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Editor's Note: This file was selected as MATLAB Central Pick of the Week Popular File 2008

This package has been revamped to focus on mixed signal modeling using a blend of behavioral and circuit level constructs. There are approximately 70 different models covering switching power conversion, RF subsystems, filters, semiconductors and more.

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Dick Benson (2020). Circuit Level Analog / Mixed Signal Examples (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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John Kayne

mi pron

Thanks a lot!


Be careful ! The varactor is badly modelling.
The transient don't fit with the behaviour of a varactor. To check the problem, please try to charge the cap through a resistor and calculate the energie provided by the source. You don't obtain E=CxV2 (true relationship with varactor). Something wrong.
Now, try to put the integrator block outside the feedback. It works, but limited by the solver (if the order of function is greater than 1).



It is good. I wanted to understand about the scheme being used for clock recovery( File "sync/clock_recovery_3.mdl")



thanku its agood work

Tanyer Alan

A wholesome collection of Blocksets for Communication Engineers...


I want to get some examples

thank you

jeffrey fan

goood... if can get those example

ihya belkacem

YANG Yuejin

it can't be used in linux? what a pity, however, it's really excellent

Marduke Yousefpor

Great Examples to start with....

yang Lung


Elham Tathesari

Anderson Fagiani

Andre Fortunato

hazem madian

Dear Dick,
iam trying to use the simpower toolbar to simulate circuits and lukly i found the opamp block in your file but please i need your advice in that:
1-why your opamp block has four terminals.
2-and most of all how do the feedback connections don't affect the output terminal from change between inverting and noninverting.
thank you

Wolf Lee

The simPower models of charge pump in PLL are not compatible with new version 6.3.
Can you update it?
Thank you!

Zinko Timo

nice one . Good work bravo

Arnold Kote

Abhishek Chattopadhyay

Can you be more specific with the use od this. one needs to know how to function these blocks

wang yuxin

very good!

no need

does not contain the basics of signal processing

rajendra bhat

i think this file is corrupt cause it doesn't open in winzip

suhas deshmukh

takis soteropoulos

Kapil Nagwanshi

felix sanon

Khaled Nasser


Khaled Hassni

PLL filter circuit

hui chen


xue lixia

I cannot get it!

Oleg Mikulchenko

Clean, reasonable, and practical examples

Alexander Toniatti


Updated license

This is a major overhaul of the previous submissions. SimPower is no longer required and all models now use SimScape elements.

Models updated to be compliant with changesd in R2013B.

All models have been re-worked to run in R2013B.

Modifications to run in 2011B as well as 2012A pre-release.

This version will work with 2009B up through 2011a.

Updated for R2009B.

Updated to run with 8a / 8b and removed *.p, *.mex32 etc.

New models have been added and all has been built and checked in 2007B. With a few minor exceptions, it all runs in 2008a and 2008b.

Now compatible with R2006a, R2006b, and R2007a.

R2006a breaks many of the examples.
The models have been reworked to function in R2006a as well as R14sp1,sp2,sp3.

This is a major update with greatly expanded example set as well as R14 compatibility.

Point out navigation aid.

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Compatible with any release
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