iPhone Text2Speech Voice Controller

A Live Script illustrating text-to-speech generation of custom iPhone Voice Control command sequences.
Updated 2 Aug 2023

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Apple iPhone can be controlled programatically using computer-generated iOS Voice Control (VC) voice command sequences designed to enhance accessibility[1]. While Live Script [1] illustrated use of the Numbered Items VC overlay, this script illustrates use of Item Names VC overlay. It shows how to generate a library of custom VC command sequences with a 3rd party text-to-speech API (Google™ Cloud Text-to-Speech) to, for example, enable Item Names VC overlay mode, and then send a text message. It supplies a reference text file of iPhone VC Item Names commands and challenges the user to build a library of command sequences to activate other apps and to use additional Accessibility features to permit two-way voice communication between your iPhone and your computer.
To use this Live script, visit Text-to-Speech Conversion, download the File Exchange submission text2speech [2] and view the example script tex2speech_example.mlx for instructions on how to establish a free 3rd-party account, setup your account, and acquire an API key, and download wav2vec2.0. speech transcription model as described in the example at speechclient. The model and (in case of Google) your Google_Credentials_text2speech.json file containing your API [3] key must be on your path. To use with a different 3rd party text-to-speech API service, you must adjust the argument of the speechClient command and the API key file.

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Duncan Carlsmith (2024). iPhone Text2Speech Voice Controller (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/133202-iphone-text2speech-voice-controller), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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